Open Block

Inhabiting a separate block, torn by a band of light. A space, a house, a small detached house ... that seeks to articulate its dimensions as a block where the light dig at his own will. The constant relationship established with the outside world and the demand for vertical and horizontal planes that are repeated throughout the interior route was the premise of developing the same. So this is a visual journey and experiences that are guided through the game between "Light and Shadow ". It is intended to reconcile the functional needs of the building with the aspirations and desires for physical comfort and aesthetic of users. This effect was given to building a pure geometric form, achieved by horizontal opaque planes to the North and transparent planes to the East and West. Consequently, these two fronts manifest themselves, struggling for a balance, that provides opaque and transparencies at different times of year as well protection against rain or sun, while allowing a visual relationship with the outside and adequate control of natural light. These factors, coupled with the spatial dimension provided by the internal circulation areas, open spaces for living and leisure, pass a psychological dimension to the building of grandeur and balance, although the reduced dimensions of the building area and the built the body.